Overview weekday celebrations in the churches of the parish St.Jacobus in Enschede:


 church  day and time  special weekly celebrations
H. Jozef We. 09.30 u. Every Thursday at 18.15: Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. (Entrance sacristy)
St. Jacobus Fr.  09.00 u.
Mo. 18.15 u.
Every first Saturday v.a.n. month: Angelus Celebration at 12.00.
Verrijzenis des Heren Th. 09.30 u.   
De Roef, Past.Geertmanstr. 17 Th. 09.30 u.  
De Kajuit
Ariënstaete kapel
Th. 09.30 u. 
Fr.  19.00 u
St. Jan / H. Michael n.a.  

The weekday celebrations mentioned in this list are all celebrations; word and communion and Eucharistic celebrations.

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